Account Executive Manager (Mice Specialist) 1 อัตรา

  • Prepare itineraries for customers, suppliers and guides.
  • Prepare invoices.
  • Update data into ITC systems together with supplier codes and costs.
  • Coordinate with Guides and Transport regarding pickup and drop timing for guests
  • Prepare Guide Advances, Restaurant Bookings and Supplier Payment vouchers
  • Update Overseas Agents on No Show / Delays for tour pickup from in house guests.

Software Quality Assurance 1 อัตรา

  • Develop Application Testing, System Testing Concept, and/or Software Testing Methodologies.
  • Develop and perform test scenarios, test cases and test plan.
  • Perform work based on defined process and provides feedback on process improvements as appropriate.
  • Co-operate with team in estimation effort, developing plan/schedule and performing tasks according to the plan.

Online Travel Solution Business Developer 2 อัตรา

  • Acquire suppliers and bring them onboard the platform. Support on boarding of products and coordinate with favbed team and quality control teams.
  • Account management: Cultivate relationships with partners to help maximise their sales potential on various distribution platforms. Communicate business strengths and brand value to suppliers.
  • Work closely with various functions in the company to maximise sales, supplier operations to improve efficiency, customer services to drive satisfaction and repeats, finance to ensure
  • accurate payment and minimise risk. Flexibility and attentiveness to details are essential in our fast-paced environment.
  • Support market leaders to identify market trends and provide market & competitor updates through on-going research and feedback.
  • Supervisor assigned team to deliver tangible results in each of the above areas.
  • Manage, coordinate, and arrange senior executives- hotel and travel-related activities.
  • Contact supplier both domestic and international to find new product for company
  • Planning and executing strategies for business development opportunities.
  • Analyzing investment requirements, business potential and financial aspects.

PHP Programmer 2 อัตรา

  • Can be developed with PHP
  • Able to develop existing MVC or Framework programs such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend
  • Capable of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and can use jquery, angular, bootstrap.
  • Capable of being developed with MySql / Sql Server / Oracle databases and able to use these databases.
  • Have the ability to use apache / nginx
  • Perform duties according to company standards
  • Perform other assigned tasks

Online Ticketing Supervisor 1 อัตรา

  • สามารถใช้งานระบบสำรองที่นั่งตั๋วเครื่องบิน เช่น Sabre , Amadeus, Galileo และ Abacus ได้เป็นอย่างดี (จะได้รับการพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ)
  • มีประสบการณ์ด้านการจองและจำหน่ายตั๋วเครื่องบินผ่านระบบ CRS ไม่น้อยกว่า 1 ปี
  • สามารถออกตั๋วและปรินต์ตั๋วเครื่องบินด้วยระบบ CRS เช่น Amadeus, Galileo และ Abacus
  • หากเคยทำงานในบริษัทที่เป็น BSP มาก่อน จะได้รับการพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ
  • Good command of English both speaking, writing
  • TOEIC score > 550 (would be an advantage and scores not older than 2 years)

Payment Gateway Business Development Executive 2 อัตรา

  • Responsible for the product creation and development including the analysis and implementation of products to payment service industry.
  • Prepare and provide the business and product requirements as well as solutions to drive product innovations and customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for the roadmap of product planning including designing, launching, and reviewing the performance.
  • Evaluate and resolve technical issue, design optimization, and production improvement
  • Research and monitor existing client base and industry trends and identify the potential new product development opportunities
  • Provide the business/product requirements or solutions to drive product innovations and customer satisfaction with a solid understanding of users, markets, competitor, and future trends
  • Analyze market competitors, market opportunity, consumer insight and any new financial services trend related to target segment
  • Experience and Knowledge inPG, eBPP, DCB, eWallet ,(v)EDC, mPos
  • Proven track record in creating/developing payment products or project
  • Creative and innovative ability to create business opportunities
  • Good understanding and interest in payment service industry
  • Strong skill in analyzing report, analyzing market trend
  • Good command of English both speaking, writing
  • TOEIC score > 550 (would be an advantage and scores not older than 2 years)
  • Computer literacy, especially Excel with ability to manage complex excel file

International VISA Specialist 1 อัตรา

  • Handle overall visa and work permit tasks for expatriate staff and superiors, such as 90 days report and their families
  • Prepare related and necessary documents and submit to immigration and Ministry of Labor,
  • Personally take expats to immigration office and Ministry of Labor to extend visa and work permit book
  • visit immigration Department around Bangkok or Samut Prakan area, depending on Expat’s home location and Ministry of Labor
  • make and maintain good relationship with Immigration officer, Labor officer
  • closely coordinate with HR department and other departments as well
  • support HR Manager and HR staff in various other related administration tasks
  • Up to 1.5 years experience in Visa and work permit tasks, 90days report for expat and family, document preparation and regulations, handling and communicating with immigration and Ministry of Labor
  • Good English language skills 
  • TOEIC score > 550 (would be an advantage and scores not older than 2 years)
  • Good PC skills in MS Office
  • Can work under pressure and can make decision by himself or herself.
  • Can make good relationship with Immigration officer, Labor officer

Youtube Channel Developer 1 อัตรา

  • All aspects of day-to-day channel management, including scheduling , VDO editing,posting and audience engagement
  • Working closely with teams to strategically optimize content on youtube
  • Can use program Adobe Premiere , Photoshop , Other
  • Flexible , self-motivated and happy to work in a collaborative environment across multiple teams

E-Commerce Business Developer 1 อัตรา

  • Responsible for country’s revenue generated from strategic accounts and B2C Vertical through development, retention of existing customers and targeting at new business opportunities.
  • Work with the country’s segment sales across channels and functional stakeholders to provide sufficient focus to the B2C vertical.
  • Design & execute partnership plan with B2C partners.
  • Develop the eCommerce knowledge for sales team
  • Support sales team to acquire and develop eCommerce customer & opportunities
  • work with concern parties to develop solutions for onboarding top local brands
  • Responsible for a set of assigned customers in a specific industry(ies) from time to time as required by country’s strategic.


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