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Visa Extension or application to request for extension of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand. The applicant must apply for the visa before the expiration date. The period of re-acquisition depends on the type of visa and as required by law. Wonderful package is now sharing you the information. 

Q : What are the criteria for considering permission to apply for Visa Extension for working or do business?

A : The criterias for consideration.
1. Foreigner must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (Non-IM).
2. Foreigner must earn an income per the attached Table of Income (Annex A).
    2.1 European Countries and Australian, Canada, Japan and U.S.A. must have minimum income 50,000.- Baht monthly.
    2.2 South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong must have minimum income 35,000.- Baht monthly.
    2.3 Asian Countries and South American Countries, East Europe Countries, Middle American Countries, Mexico, Turkey, Russia
and South Africa, must have minimum income 35,000.- Baht monthly.
    2.4 African Countries, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, must have minimum income 25,000.- Baht monthly.
3. The business must have a paid-up registered capital of no less than Baht 2 million.
4. Said business must have submitted its financial statements as at the end of its fiscal year for the past two accounting years which have duly been audited and certified by a certified public accountant or a tax auditor, to prove that the business is sufficiently secure with actual and continuous operation, according to the guidelines for consideration of business status concerning the actual and continuous operation attached hereto (Annex B.)
5. Said business needs to hire foreigners.
6. Said business must have a ratio of one foreigner employee per for permanent Thai employees.
7. The following businesses shall be exempted from the Criteria (3), (4) and (5) and the ratio of Thai employees specified
under Criteria (6), shall be reduced to one foreigner employee per on permanent Thai employee.
   A. International trade business (representative office)
   B. Reginal office
   C. Overseas company (branch office)  

Q : What are the documents to be submitted?

A : Documents to be submitted are as belows.

1. Application form TM., Photograph 4x6 cms., Application Fee is 1,900.- Baht. (Application mustbe made in person)
2. Copy of applicant,s passport (copy of passport with your photo, last arrival stamp, Re-entry permit stamp, Departure care (TM.6) and last Extend visa)
3. Certificate of employment prepared in accordance with the form precribed by the Immigration Bureau (Sor.Tor.Mor.1) A table showing the numbers of all foreigners employed by the company, also their salary on monthly and annually basis, and their total salary, is additionally required.
4. Copy of Work Permit.
5. Proof of corporate registration e.g. Certificate of Incorporation of company or partnership certified by the Registrar with validity for 6 months.
6. Copy of list of shareholders certified by the Registrar with validity 6 months.
7. A copyof lastest balance sheet and income statement, together with corporate income tax return (Por.Ngor.Dor.50) and receipt. Copy of Sor.Bor.Chor.3, they must be certified by the Revenue Department or by The Department of Business Development.
8. Copy of 3 lastest monthly Withholding tax return (Por.Pro.1) showing the names of employees and the foreigner together with receipt.
9. Copy of lastest Personal Income Tax Return of applicant (Por.Pro.91), together with receipt (or an explanator letter)
10. Copy of 3 lastest monthly Social Security Contributions return field with the Social Security Office (Form Sor.Por.Sor.1-10)
11. Copy of 3 lastest monthly Value add tax return (Por.Pro.30 or Por.Pro.36) together with receipt.
12. Proof of the need of the Business to employ the foreigner e.g. No Thai candidate has applied after advertising such a position.
13. Location map of the place of work.
14. Other supporting documents required by thr competent authority (Sor.Tor.Mor.2)
15. Photographs showing the location of the business:
     A. Exteria photographs showing the address and the sign of company name.
     B. Interia photographs showing the employees while working.
16. Original documents of Nos.5,6,7,8,9 and 10 must be provided.
17. In case the applicants are accompanied by the family member, proof of family relationship e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate of their children must be provided. If these documents were issued by a Foreign Government, they must be certified by such Foreign Embassy.

Remarks: Documents required for Permission of temporary stay no.8-11 must be certified true copy by Authorized officer of Government unit concerned.

Q : How many days should foreigner must apply for Visa Extension?

A : Foreigner must apply for Visa Extension 30 days bofore the expirition date. (The date that Immigration officer had stamped for him/her.)

Q : Where should foreigner who has granted for Work Permit in Bangkok apply for visa extension?

A : Foreigner must apply at The Immigation Division 1, Chengwattana.

Q : Where should Foreigner who does not work in Bangkok Area apply for visa extension?

A : Foreigner who has granted for Work Permit in the area out of Bangkok can apply for Visa Extension at The Immigration Division at his/her local area.

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