Check-in 10 Best Places in Ratchaburi. It's better than you think.

When talking about Ratchaburi, the first thing that many people think of is the floating market and sheep farm. Today, we will take to travel deeper to show that Ratchaburi is better than you think!

1. Wat Khongkharam

Wat Khongkharam is a Mon temple built by Phraya Mon that migrated along the Mae Klong River and settled over the Photharam district in the late Ayutthaya period continued with Thonburi and the Rattanakosin.

Inside the chapel, there are murals of no less than 250 years, a picture of the Buddha's history during the plague. Also, various heaven pictures, image of the Lord Buddha sitting on the throne in the past, the Buddha's history image and allegory was written in the early Rattanakosin period. The murals like this are rare to see. Those who studied in painting had to come to study and copy of the manuscript here.

Credit photo FB: https://www.facebook.com/papaiwatofficial/

Location: Wat Khongkharam, Village No. 3, Khlong Ta Khot Sub-district, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province
Call: 032-231770, 032-231933
Opening Hours: Saturday - Sunday or Holidays from 09.00 - 16.00 hrs.

2. Tao Hong Tai Ceramics Factory

“Tao Hong Tai” Ceramics Factory is regarded as the oldest pottery factory in Ratchaburi. Later, ceramic works were developed to come out of the original frame which is a beautiful creative artwork, contemporary and practical. Currently, the products are produced with striking, colorful colors, ranging from pots, vases, chairs, tables, dolls, and garden ornaments.

The front of the factory is a large lawn. There is a chic coffee shop decorated with flashy colored tiles to welcome tourists with a beautiful corner to sit and sip coffee while taking a chic photo in various spots. Besides, here is allow tourists to see the production process of various appliances and buy any items you like.

Location: 234/1 Village No. 2, Chedi Hak Road, Chedi Hak Sub-district, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province
Call: 086 344 9191, 086 344 9292, 087 708 9991
Website: www.thtceramic.com

3. INLAYA bar & grill

The most beautiful corner at Inlaya. Sitting and looking at the lake, it felt like a spell.
A private lakeside restaurant is a place to relax on a romantic lake. You can watch the beautiful sunset intersect with the view of the mountains and the bridge over the island in the lake. No matter how many times you come, the colors of the sky at sunset have never been the same. You can kayak on the lake. For live music, it will start from the evening onwards. There is a grilled seafood menu and other foods such as stir-frying pan, hot pan seafood, Fish Kang curry, Crispy Pork Leg, Green Curry with Roti Whole Wheat (Chicken, shrimp, meat), etc.

Location: 85 Moo 7, Ko Plub Pla Sub-district, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province 70000
Call: 096-879-4875
Website: www.inlayaratchaburi.com
Opening Hours: 11.00-23.00 hrs. and closed on Tuesday

4. Secret Space

The secret is the area of 500 rai. Secret Space combines 3 things are supermarkets, trees, cafes, and learning resources. The highlight of this place is the entrance to the maze which various doors alternating ways for customers to enjoy walking in the maze before entering the cafe area. Walking until reaching the shop, you can order food and drinks to cool off. There are beverages, coffee, steak, spaghetti, salads, which are considered interesting shops.

Location: 164 Moo 2, Ban Sing Sub-district, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province 70120
Call: 081 - 995 - 8343
Facebook: Secret Space
Opening Hours: 8.00 - 20.00 hrs. and closed on Mondays

5. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand which is located in Damnoen Saduak District. It is an old market which various goods for sale from souvenirs to snacks on both sides even on the boat and on the bank of the walkway. There are several foods such as red pork with rice, crispy pork with rice, rice noodles, dried grilled squid, shrimp dumplings, and fruits. If you come here, we can guarantee that you will full and get a lot of things back home.

Before 10 a.m., it is the time that rowing vendors sell fruit. After that time, it is the time of the motorboat to take tourists to take a boat to watch around the floating market.

Location: Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province
Opening Hours: 8:00 - 13:00 hrs. (After this, the market will start to lapse), but on Saturday and Sunday will open until 14:00 hrs.

6. Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church or Wat Pleng is a Gothic Western architecture using elegant colored glass and inside has very beautiful wall paintings behind the Buddha base. It can say that it is as beautiful as Maephra Patisonti Niramon Church in Chanthaburi.

Location: Wat Pleng District, Wat Pleng District, Ratchaburi Province
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday at 6.15 hrs. and Every Saturday at 7:30 pm.

7. The Scenery Vintage Farm

The Scenery Vintage Farm, a popular place in Suan Phueng that must stop by for taking photos. In the past, this was a resort but now has become a vintage farm for One Day Trip. If you visit Suan Phueng, don't forget to come here to take pictures in different spots or feed the sheep and doing other activities such as archery, horseback riding, games, throw balloons and the Ferris wheel to see the bird's-eye view of the Scenery Vintage Farm. The interior of this farm is decorated in English Country style.

There are souvenir shops such as sheep figurines, hats, and home decoration accessories. Also, there is a Honey Scene restaurant serving foods, drinks and ice cream while watching a high angle view of the sheep pasture in the valley. Don't miss it.

Location: 234 Moo 7, Suan Phueng Subdistrict, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province 70180
Call: 081-000-6677
Facebook: The Scenery Vintage Farm
Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 pm.

8. Coro Field, Japanese Style Farm

Coro Field is a new Japanese style agro-tourist destination, the first of its kind in Thailand, located in Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi Province. It is decorated in a minimalist style. It can say that it is a place for slows down a pace of life.

All visitors get the opportunity to immerse themselves into the greenery. Coro Field is focused on cultivating rare strains of crops from around the world. You can enjoy it here for the whole day. There are a lot of activities including planting, picking tomatoes, decorating plants, taking photos. Also, there are restaurants and beverages with unique recipes. It can say that all in one place. Before going home, don't forget to buy agricultural products especially Melon.

Location: 117 Ratchaburi-Pha Pok Road, Pa Wai Sub-district, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province
Call: 095-738-9001
Facebook: corofieldTH
Open Hours: Open Daily 9.00 - 20.00 hrs.

9. The Khao Ngu Stone Park

Formerly, The Khao Ngu Stone Park is an important source of rock blasting and digging in Thailand since the Rattanakosin period. Later, both the government and the public foreseen the deterioration of the topography so they canceled the concession, eruption, and rock quarry and it became an abandoned mine. Afterward, Ratchaburi province came to develop Khao Ngu into a public park and archaeological sites.

The must-see spots are the bridge over the lake in the middle of the valley because it becomes a symbol of the Khao Ngu Stone Park. Whoever comes must take a check-in photo here because the view is very beautiful. There is a pedal boat for pedaling in the middle of the lake as well.

Location: Ko Phlapphla Sub-district, Mueang District, Ratchaburi Province
Open Hours: All the time

10. The Resort Water Park

The Resort Water Park, a water park in the valley in Suan Phueng District. The only water park in Ratchaburi surrounded by mountains amid the Wild West nature of Thailand. You will have fun and refreshing with the Water Park and slider that transformed the water park into a fun castle. Moreover, the water park is also open for accommodation which is designed as a city in fiction as well.

Location: 546 Moo 8, Suan Phueng Sub-district, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province
Call: 081-763 9336, 081-763 0931, 081-763 3119
Opening Hours: Open Daily
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theresortatsuanphueng

You can see that Ratchaburi does not only have a floating market but also have many places to visit. There are better than you think.

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