Let's check-in, watch the cuteness of Thai elephants.

ปักหมุดจุดเช็คอิน ชมความน่ารักของช้างไทย

Currently, many foreigners think Thailand is still full of elephants and traveling by using elephants as a vehicle. If arriving in Thailand, it is surprising that there are no elephants to see as you think. However, if wanting to experience the cuteness of the Thai elephant, where to go?  Let’s check-in.

1. Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village, Surin Province

หมู่บ้านช้างบ้านตากลาง จังหวัดสุรินทร์

Photo Credit: thai.tourismthailand.org

Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village or Elephant Study Center is the largest elephant village in the world. If talking about Thai elephants, it must be in Surin province. Villagers raise elephants and bond together as part of a family in almost every house in the village. You can travel around the village and see the loveliness of the elephants. They are friendly which is different characteristics and playful habits. It is the charm of the elephants in Surin unlike anywhere else. The villagers specialize in carrying elephants, raising elephants, and train elephants very well as well as inherit the ways of the elephant’s life to the heir so that they do not fade away over time.
Map: https://bit.ly/2WJl828

2. Kerchor Elephant Eco Park, Chiang Mai

สวนอนุรักษ์ช้างเคอร์ชอร์ เชียงใหม่ (Kerchor Elephant Eco Park, Chiang Mai)

Photo Credit: Kerchor Elephant Eco Park

It is one of the elephant conservation areas of Chiang Mai Province. They try to make elephant tours as friendly as possible to elephants without disturbing the elephant's way of life.

The Karen community looks after elephants because they have been with elephants for a long time and have a way of life passed down from generation to generation. Visiting elephants here, you will learn the behavior and habits of elephants closely, learn elephant language, take elephants to walk, feed elephants, and bathe elephants.

Map: https://bit.ly/2zSTAi0

Kerchor Elephant Eco Park, Chiang Mai

3. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

ปางช้างเอเลเฟ่น จังเกิ้ล แซงชัวรี (Elephant Jungle Sanctuary)

Photo Credit: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

It is an elephant camp that started the project in Chiang Mai by Chiang Mai people together with the Karen people who want to preserve Thai elephants. Currently, it has distributed in 4 locations in Thailand including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, and Samui. You will experience differently such as Phuket has beautiful views of mountains, forests, and the sea, you can swim with elephants. If it is Pattaya, it is closed to Bangkok, easy to travel, etc.

At this time, it is still an elephant camp with not many elephants so we can get in touch with elephants closely, feed elephants, and bathe elephants by the helpfulness of Elephant mahout. You can take pictures with elephants without worrying and ask the staff to take a photo for you without an additional charge.

Map: Chiang Mai , Phuket , Pattaya , Samui 

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Pattaya

4. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang Province

สถาบันคชบาลแห่งชาติฯ ลำปาง (The Thai Elephant Conservation Center Lampang)

Photo Credit: ศูนย์อนุรักษ์ช้างไทย จ.ลำปาง

As we know the old name is "Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang Province" which has more than 50 elephants in charge, which is the pioneer of elephant conservation. Importantly, it has been entrusted to take care of the 6 primary elephants or elephants of the King.

Also, it has an elephant hospital and a veterinarian project that offers medical care of elephants for free. It is the first place in Thailand that has successfully trained elephants to draw pictures and also the location of the first and only elephant music band in the world.

There are many activities to be enjoyed for the whole family such as watch the adorable performance of the intelligent elephant, watch the elephants painting art, watch the elephants bathing, and watch feeding the baby elephants. For those who stay overnight, there are activities to try as a mahout.

Map: https://bit.ly/2yie4jG

5. Saiyok Elephant Park, Kanchanaburi

ปางช้างไทรโยค กาญจนบุรี (Saiyok Elephant Park)

Photo Credit: www.elephantnaturepark.org

Sai Yok Elephant Camp was established from the relationship of an elephant family that originated from an elephant village in Surin province. This place is truly designed for elephants such as choosing a shady location next to the stream that makes the elephant live happily. From the small elephant community is gradually growing and increasing until becoming the largest elephant camp in Kanchanaburi.

You can see the elephants way of life closely and participate in caring for elephants in the form of an elephant raising volunteers such as bathing the elephant, cook for elephants, watching elephants play in mud pools, and planting forests for elephants which is an activity that truly make for elephants.

Map: https://bit.ly/2LG6lPs

Kanchanaburi River Kwai Bridge and Elephant Bathing Day Tour

6. Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village, Ratchaburi

หมู่บ้านช้างดำเนินสะดวก ราชบุรี (Elephant Village)

Photo Credit: หมู่บ้านช้างดำเนินสะดวก

The Elephant Village is only 100 km from Bangkok, which is close to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Anyone visiting the floating market can continue to visit the elephant village. This elephant village was established to help unemployed elephants to live naturally and no need to take a risk in the big city streets as well as preserving elephants from extinction.

There are good activities for tourists such as sitting on the back of an elephant to see nature through the shady green forest and across the river, bathing elephants, feeding elephants, watching intelligent elephants, and see the long-necked Karen lifestyle.

Map: https://bit.ly/3e2CBZo

7. Elephant Family Phuket Sanctuary, Phuket

ปางช้างเอเลเฟ่นท์ แฟมิลี่ ภูเก็ต (Elephant Family Phuket Sanctuary)

Photo Credit: Elephant Family Phuket Sanctuary

It is a conservation elephant trip because this place was established to be the accommodation of the elephants who used to work hard from anywhere else. This place is like a post-retirement elephant shelter for the elephant to return to a normal life again.

Therefore, this elephant camp is for the elephants to live freely in nature, no elephant shows. It is for learning the elephant's lifestyle the way it should be but there is an elephant mahout to take care of nearby for safety.

Map: https://bit.ly/2ZgISMI

Elephant Family Phuket Sanctuary

It can be seen that each place has different objectives for looking after elephants. However, the most important thing is the intention to conserve elephants and pass them on to their heir.

ปักหมุดจุดเช็คอิน ชมความน่ารักของช้างไทย

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