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Service for submitting work permits in Thailand for foreigners

We are high expertise Work Permit submit service. Our team specialized in Permit submitting and give the best suggestion to complete it, accuratly and legally. We also have a Work Permit extension service or a Business Visa extension service for foreigners. The required Documents and procedures, please find it below.

1.Work Permit Service << Click!
2.Renewal Work Permit Service and VISA for 1 year << Click!
3.Non-Immigrant-B Visa Extension Service for 1 year << Click!
4.Changing Type of Visa Service (Tourist or Transit Visa to Non-Immigrant- B Visa) << Click!
5.Thailand Re-Entry Permit Service << Click!
6.Non-O Visa Extension Service << Click!
7.Tourist Visa Extension Service << Click!
8.Non-B Visa Teaching Purpose Extension Service << Click!
9.Non-Immigrant ED Visa Extension Service << Click!


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Our Service


Why choose us?

One Stop Services

One Stop Services serves you Work Permit (Non B), please check out our official website or any of our staff.

3 Languages available 

Coordinators available to advise in Chinese, and English.

Push to the end

In case of any complications, we are willing to proceed the apeal to the utmost in accordance with the process set by the government agencies, without charge in which you have to pay government extra fees.  

Application refusal = Refund guaranteed

In case of filing an application for a work permit, the information of employees and employers does not comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, and the immigration office prescribed. The company will refund after deducting the actual expenses.

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