AQ/ASQ Hotels Bangkok , Thailand cheapest package

Full Board 1 , 7 10 , 14 Days Package

AQ/ASQ Hotels Full Board Packages in Bangkok , Thailand

Bangkok AQ quarantine hotel lowest price starting at 15,500 baht. The quarantine package in Bangkok, Thailand is available from 1 day, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days. Find the cheapest alternative hotel.


  • Stay in a 3 - 4 star hotel, Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) by the Ministry of Health. and the Ministry of Defense to quarantine and monitor the spread of COVID-19
  • Room package service To accommodate for the quarantine of foreign travelers and prevent the re-epidemic of COVID-19
  • Stay confident with Safety and comfort standards with complete facilities
  • Full Board Packages, Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner One way transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • Covid-19 screening service with daily health check-up services and a staff of nurses available 24 hours a day

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